kind of really frustrated. but looking at menus for five guys and eds diner and mmm burgers are making me feel better, but there is no way im going to spend that much money on a burger. but still looking at the menu is making me feel less annoyed right now


Funny Stuff you like?

I am down for it

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I’m definitely the worst person I know

Generally having a nice feel good time. Getting positive feedback is a shockingly uplifting thing. Had a critique session today and it went well, and getting nice feedback sends me on a skyrocket into happy emotions which last about a week.

Thinking for my starbucks prince halloween cosutme, of pushing boat out and doing some face paint as well to get the green marks on the logo face… unsure whether to get green lipstick or if facepaint would do the same thing?


This picture is just so awesome all the time

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I found these gem paper patterns online and 99p Store was selling metallic card so I obviously couldn’t resist, and now I have some over sized gems on my desk. (I was going to buy colour card, but hobbycraft was selling it for like £5 for 10 sheets and 99p store was only selling cheap super thin colour paper except this metallic stuff)



I’ve had a bunch of people request this, so my Magical Arsenal print is now available as a shirt! You can purchase the shirt here here here here!

I’ve mocked up my favorite color options! You can fight so much evil in all those colors. There’s also a hoodie! (Which I’ll probably grab one for myself. Perfect fall hoodie!) 

Pick up your shirts here!

Prints are also still available here!

If anyone has any questions feel free to message me! Love, P 

Paulina’s my fav and I want this shirt. You should, too!

^_^ just downloaded a bunch of steven universe music, so my general walking around is going to feel 10% more magical.




If you didn’t think “Shia LaBeouf” could get better, you were wrong.

I literally can’t believe this exists there are tears in my eyes that I don’t remember crying

i just

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I found a chaos emerald

#James you’re so cute you look like a friggin’ 7 year old it’s amazing

Sometimes I look amazing, and then the rest of the time I look like the sweatiest creature that crawled out the ocean. all my selfies should be done at 9am

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In honor of our new episode tonight, The Crewniverse is sharing some delicious, piping hot pizza!

And we all got officially inducted into The Secret Team!

Pizza from Ameci Pizza & Pasta - Burbank, CA

Card artwork by Angie Wang, Printed by Christy Cohen

I am severely thinking of making a secret team shirt. 

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Poster Design | University Theater Department
Latest mini uni project was to design two posters for the theater departments upcoming shows of the year. Pretty happy with how they ended up coming out, Faustus was particularly fun as I never touch horror/darker stuff. Midsummer was more within my comfort zone, I love things with a retro edge.

Had a critique thing today, where everyone in the class brought in there designs to show to the theater students for them to choose which ones they want, my friend daniellerianna got her’s picked for midsummer, and they took faustus down to s final 3 and said they would get back to the lecturers on which one they picked, and i’m one of the final 3, so that’s quite exciting. Even if I don’t get picked being shortlisted is a pretty nice feeling.




This is my thing for the next Pokézine, the theme is glitch! 

You can pre-order this zine now, this is my thing for it! So many great artists made stuff for it so you know it will be great. 


💫Space Sorceress💫 (not quite #INKtober more like #Markertober ???)